Work shop

In my work shop you can:
Look, feel, listen, try, built sth. by yourself, take lessons and acquire instruments.

Every flutes and Didgeridoos can be build, with my help in the workshop.

The flutes I mostly built out of some different sorts of bamboo, but sometimes even out of the wood from the elder, sunflowers and other sorts of wood. The same with the didgridoos, many different sorts of bamboo that are as big as an arm or a leg and different sorts of native wood, all searched by myself in our forests. I have offers for beginner and advanced learners. Making by wish and, of course, I repair instruments and refine them.

  I have ask a pupil, what is coming to his mind about my workshop...

... In a cellar , a way, that you have to find in the Bremer Neustadt. At the first time everyone is surprised about the atmosphere. Bamboo, light carped and a wood oven in the teaching room. I am sitting here for the first time. Michael is playing. A didgeridoo. Self made. The world outside has a rent. You are only in yourself. Next door somebody is hammering. Own workshop. What you are able to do with bamboo. And out of native wood. Who might have thought that? While I am going a participant is coming. He led himself advice. Is allowed to touch and play everything. Without having to buy it. Can get a tea or coffee. Can test, built sth. by himself, can afford lessons, buy, or can only be astonished and can go. Who would not be having such an individual advice.