Lessons on bamboo flutes and didgeridoos:

I give lessons for: Pan-flutes, bamboo German flutes, herd-flutes (bamboo flutes with block), shakuhachi, quena, zampoña, moceño, bamboo clarinet, special-Panflute (see bamboo-flutes). Even without some knowledge about notes and music. If you want to play Christmas songs or folksongs, pop or Bach: Everything is possible! Single lessons or lessons with a group of pupils.

Didgeridoo teaching How can I led a tone spring , different modulations with the didgeridoo, circular breathing in all facets, slow, relaxing or fast rhythm play etc.
Offer relaxing teaching and relaxing exercises, right breathing. One lesson (60 min.) costs 25 Euro.

I have ask a pupil, what is coming to his mind about my teaching...

... We are sitting in the cellar, the oven is warming the room, camomile tea id good for the body, mind and spirit. Michael is playing. The vibration sounds of the didgeridoo fill the room, shake the stress of a strenuous week out of me. The lightness of the sounds of the flute carry all my worries away. Again I have saved the therapist.. And beneath learned to play flute.